Helloooooooooooooo, and welcome to my brand spanking new shiny home on the web. The site has only just re-opened and we are still in the process of adding stuff but you can still have a look round.

Obviously you haven't got a lot to do today, so you thought you would mosey into town and call me up. Well, I'm glad you did.

I am a Stand Up Main Stream Comedian who loves telling jokes and stories. I don't swear during my act - what's the point? If a joke is funny, then it's funny. END OF!!!!

I love performing and I love making all types of audiences - young, old and the ones in the middle LAUGH!!

If you need to read some great reviews and comments, then please check out lots of other top comedians web sites and whilst you are reading theirs, just swap my name for theirs and pretend .... It's good to pretend!!!

Welcome to my site, look around and above all, KEEP BREATHING!!!!
Tank Sherman

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